Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Summering - Bermuda style.

We spent most of August "off island." This is a quaint way of saying you have left the lovely pink shores of Bermuda and cannot be reached. Some of us are incommunicando because we have learned the hard way how much international roaming charges can be!

Many of us ex-pats return to our native shores during the summer - whether those are stateside or across the pond. August, in particular, can be a very dull and quiet month in Bermuda. It's almost too hot to be outside, the beaches have started to lose their luster, and so many friends have gone away for the summer. Not complaining.. just pointing out that after several years of living here, I thought it might be fun to take a page out of the books of other ex-pats and get back to our roots.

This year marks the first time the kids and I ventured off the island for a month. It's the first time we have ever taken so many weeks away; and it was an amazing experience!

In the four weeks we were in the U.S., we tackled three states, three large amusement parks, two small amusement park, Central Park, three museums, one county fair, three pools, one Broadway show, reconnected with friends, ate countless bowls of pasta, pizza, ice cream and cookies, mastered the art of Minecraft.. and made more memories than I can rightfully capture here.

But, I shall try.

Best of all, it felt so good to be home!
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