Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween comes to Saltus, 2013.

Dreaming of..


Both kids had their class parties last Friday.  It also happened to be the last day of school before the traditional "mid term break," in Bermuda.  A break for a whole week, just in time to enjoy Halloween night - what more could one ask for!

I know.  Glitter pumpkins, obviously!  With a wee witchy hat.  Oh Pinterest.

At Jordan's party, we organized tables into craft and gaming stations.  The gooey gak is always a favorite.  As I cut out the straws, I pictured the kids burying their faces into the gooey gak (it's slime.  The recipes vary, but this one is combo of Borax and Elmer's glue.) 

If you stick the straw into it, and blow, you come up with enormous bubbles. 

You have to be a kid to understand.


I loved this craft - mummy sticks!  The teacher printed out each child's face to attach to stick skeletons.  Wrapped in gauze, the effect looks very mummy-ish! 

Not mummy in the Brit sense.

Although I did the baking, I begged to be put at any other table.  I can bake, but I really, wanted to avoid the gaggle of kids decorating.  (ugh.. sticky frosting, sticky little hands, bits and bobs of candy flying everywhere!)

Armed with a color printout and loads of candy accessories to decorate - a dear granny assistant manned the table.  I hid my smile.  She was dressed so nice too.

The kids always love this station.  I know.. I've handled it in Mina's class one year.  It was definitely the happiest table in the room.  The ants (always present in massive formations in Bermuda) were also having a field day.

Sugar highs.

Crazy sugar highs!

Jordan's masterpiece. 

I like the bloody, red eyes.  Looks like some Polyvysol is in order.  This is the stuff they sell over the counter here in Bermuda to treat pink eye.  It amazes me you can just walk in and get this without a prescription.  I recall having to go to a doctor in the US, for a full exam before he would prescribe anything.

The pain killer, Alleve however does requires a prescription.  Not that I use it, but my doctor made a point of mentioning it to me the other day. 

He was trained in the US, and married a Bermudian.  So, he has been working in BDA for a long time.  He mentioned patients who are partial to Alleve, will buy big vats of it at Costco and bring it back to Bermuda in their luggage.

I laughed, because I think all of us in BDA have certain things we are cramming into our suitcases to bring back here from trips abroad. 

Jeff is partial to golf balls and Fiber One bars.  Yay Costco!

Back to the Halloween party - I was happily stationed at the beading table!  Jordan presents his masterpiece, Oriental Trading necklace. 

Never let it be said that beading is for the girls only. 

While I manned the table, many little men came over and spent just as much time designing their necklaces.  They are too cute in all their seriousness.

Jordan was in his element that day.  Barred from wearing actual costumes, the kids were encouraged to wear "Fall colours."  Yes, colours with a "u."

I've never seen so much orange all in one place... well, except for Dutch soccer games.  Also an amazing sight.

I'm one of the assistant class mom's for both kids. This year's Class moms are so super-organized and creative. We held a planning meeting at the start of October to discuss the class parties!  And everyone came up with such great ideas. I'm loving this group. Those print out labels alone made my day.

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