Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Christmas brings out the best daydreams

In the magazine world in my head, my Christmas table top would not include a prominent  hard cover of "Dork Diaries" and endless photocopies of piano pieces my kids are working on.

Alas, 'tis real, life life that pervades this household.

Who am I kidding, though.  I secretly love it.  As long as I have two anklebiters in the home, I've always got an excuse for the mess!

When they leave for college, I'm thinking of opening a Brussels Griffon rescue shelter.  I'll have a house full of little Oscars, and a perfect excuse for why the place looks like a disaster.

Obviously, I jest.  When the kiddos leave, my house will be redecorated in a crisp, all-white, minimalistic style.  My pots, pans and bakeware will be sold for vintage on some esoteric site not yet created, and I shall spend the rest of my days perfecting my short game on the golf courses of  the Mexican Riviera, where I intend to retire.

 I may bring my husband.  We shall see.

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