Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas in Bermuda? What does one do without snow? Part 1.

Despite the lack of snow, we've discovered Bermuda is a fun place to celebrate Christmas.  There's annual events, like the Santa parade, and the St. George's historic town walkabout.

There's stuff closer to home as well - decorating, for one thing. 

Decorating the table top requires keeping it simple, so there's enough room for the detritus my kids accumulate and deposit there daily.

Decorating the car is a funny thing I've noticed about this place.  Many cars are sporting reindeer antlers and red, Rudolph noses.  I decided to just put the window decals in place this year.

By "I," I meant - my kids and their assorted elfin friends who are always ready to lend a hand.

Only two of them are mine.  Given the amount of time we spend driving, I think decorating the car was a good call.

Of course there's shopping.  The school makes it very easy for the little ones to handle the task.  They hold an annual "Christmas fair," where the kids come in, select presents for their family members.  There are volunteers who have sorted out gifts by category (mom, dad, kid brother, sister, etc.)  We lead the kids around and show them suitable items, take their money, and wrap up everything too!  It's a lot of work, but the process runs like a well-oiled machine, in part because of the parent volunteers.

All gifts are $1.00, and are donated by the parents - each family donating the same number of gifts for the intended recipients.  The first year we were here, I was under the mistaken impression that the gifts we donated, would be the ones our kids re-purchased for us.

So, I sent in all kinds of expensive well-thought out gifts, and couldn't wait for the kids to bring them back, wrapped up to be put under the tree.

The school secretary called me that day and rid me of my foolish notions.

The kids are so cute.  Like Mina - who puts a lot of time and effort into picking the perfect present for each of us!

"Mommy, don't look!!  I want it to be a surprise!!"

There's also a raffle, where kids can select among some fancier things that are donated as prizes.  Jordan, like many other kids, adopted the strategy of putting all his raffle tickets in one box.  That didn't work out so well.

Christmas in Bermuda wouldn't be the same without the holiday performances.  Traditionally, there is the annual "Pantomime" or "Panto" as it's known colloquially.

But we opted to see our own little star, in her first stage performance!  She was in a tap number, dancing to Michael Buble's "It's a Beautiful Day" with her local dance school.

Jazz hands!! 

She also got a chance to perform that move with her school choir. 

Performances abound! It isn't Christmas in BDA without the annual school pageant.

With reindeer....

and "party kids.."

Speaking of parties

.. we've had a few..

as in ... after a few too many, Jeff and I start doing duck face selfies at the office shin dig. Mad Hatters indeed.

The kids were more respectable at the kid's Christmas party. They waited till they got their loot from Santa first.

.. to be continued...

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