Friday, January 31, 2014

Jordan's first gymnastics meet. Abie Grossfield Invitational - Connecticut 2014

The life of an athlete means traveling when your team does - even if it happens to be on your birthday.  Happy nine years old, little man!  Jordan and the Bermuda Gymnastics Team depart to Bridgeport, Connecticut for their first overseas meet of the season.

This was our first experience with a meet as well, so we are all learning.  Some shots..

Look at these arms.  Pure carbs, I tell you.


Jordan did an outstanding job.  He placed second in the rings in his division, 4th place for his floor routine as well.

This is the boys team picture, which later appeared in the Bermuda Royal Gazette.

And this is the guys for real.  Despite the fuss and glory, they're still just little guys.  Let the mad rumpus begin!

To commemorate his victory - Jordan's video on the rings.  10.3

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