Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Turning 9

Birthday planning starts early in this house, mainly because I know that if there's some sort of theme  to the party, it will take forever to get the supplies.  Nothing is ever all in one place in BDA, and you can be sure some stuff will have to be ordered from abroad. 

That's a whole other story.

"I want my party at the gymnastics center."  Jordan said. 

"Really?"  I asked. 

We spend so much time there during the week, why would you want to be there one more minute?  Isn't 8 hours of training a week there enough?  But, after several weeks of repeating this desire, I decided the drive out to St. David's would be worth if it meant the mess was not in my house.

But we needed a theme.

Taa-daa!!  Minecrafting galore!  Jordan's main obsession these past months.

I don't pretend to understand ANY of it.  It's a complete mystery.  All I know is that in the limited amount of electronic time the boy has - he's Minecrafting.... or on YouTube watching someone named "Stampy Longnose" highlight all his Minecrafting worlds.

Suprisingly, there are other Minecrafting geeks out there who have done Minecrafting themed birthday parties.  Just look on Pinterest.  That's pretty much where I got all the ideas.  The table tops, the Creeper goodie bags, the ideas for the cake.

Speaking of cake though - if you want to make a Minecrafting cake, you must watch this woman's video.  Yoyomax makes a minecraft cake.

Some Potion of Healing to wash it all down.

And lots of exercise to burn off the calories!  The staff at the Bermuda Gymnastics Association could not have been better.  They led the whole crew through warm up exercises, obstacle courses, trampoline bounces, pit jumps and rope climbing. 

I just stood to the side laughing and taking pictures.

Even on the mat, you can't stop these jazz hands!

That evening we celebrated at Jordan's favorite restaurant in Bermuda - Portofino.

But the birthday celebrating wasn't limited to one day.  On his actual birthday, we spent the night in Connecticut for Jordan's first gymnastics meet.  There, we went out with the cousins!

More pasta and more ice cream!  And that pretty much describes Jordan's favorite meal.  Nine years old and a smile that lights up the room.  Happy Birthday, little man.

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