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Year in Review - 2013

One of the best parts about keeping a blog is using it to recap the highlights of the past year. Although we're well into February, I'd like to recall 2013 before I completely forget.

January always starts with a bang because we celebrate Jordan's birthday!  He turned 8 years old, and we had an art party at Kaleidoscope Arts Center - bird themed this year. Bird cutout sandwiches, bird cake pops, and hand crafted bird paper take-aways.  Lots of art too.. lots of messy art that was thankfully, not in my home!

January was also a milestone because it was the first time I challenged myself to run the "Bermuda Triangle."  This is a three day series of races that consist of a mile, a 10k and a half-marathon.  Rising to the occasion were dear friends who knew me when.. from back in the day, who traveled all the way from ~~NYC.  Go girls!

February - while the chilly winds blew through Bermuda, we celebrated Valentine's Day, family style, at our favorite local Italian place - Portofino's.  Yes, that's Jordan's hand photo bombing my shot.

March - the weather's beautiful in BDA, which means it's time for Sports Day! 

It's also my birthday, and Jordan designed the best birthday gift I've ever received.  He created a scavenger hunt which led me to the basement, and to the picture on the wall.  We drew that together one rainy afternoon.  I just about melted.

April  - time for the extended Spring Break!  We hightailed it back to the US, and discovered how much we love Florida.  And Disney.

And our dear friends, who happily shared their kids and Easter with us!

Uncle Osman joined us at Busch Gardens, a/k/a "not Disney" for some fun adventure park times.  I also blacked out and lost a year of my life on a roller coaster known as "Shiekra."

Climbing to great heights in Tampa.

May - I'm trying to recall how me managed to escape again to the US in May, but somehow we did.  We discovered a fabulous oyster place in lower Manhattan..

And also got to get gussied up and hang out with these fabulous people!  Look - no kids amongst the lot of us!!

Back to reality - May is yet another Sports Day - this one for Mina.  Despite her cries of protest in the weeks leading up to it, she came in 2nd place in two different events.

Jordan also had a chance to perform on the piano at his class' school assembly.

June 2013 - slightly bittersweet moment as I realize Mina is graduating from the lower primary school, Cavendish, and moving up to join her big brother at the "big kid school."

June is the perfect time of the year in BDA - enjoying the harbor outside the Fairmount Hamilton Princess, during a dinner break.

July was a whirlwind of celebrating - starting with a over the top 4th of July celebration at Tucker's Resort.

July was also about birthdays - Jeff and Mina both had what felt like a month of celebrating.

Turning 40 is not so bad!

Especially when you're surrounded by family and friends from near and far.

.. and surprise parties!

I'll drink to that!

The parties continued into the back yard for Mina's 7th.

Life is good.

August - we spent most of the month off-island, on a grand tour of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  We crammed in as much as we could in three weeks and four suitcases.

The best part was catching up with friends.

Sharing stories...

And splashing the days away..

In September, the kids had their last hurrah when Uncle Ciccio came to visit them in BDA.

And then it was back to school!  YES!!!

Every year has it's ups and downs, but if hard pressed, I'd say I can only think of one incident that struck a bad note for me. That was in September when I got infected with MRSA. Fabulous nursing from family and friends, and a gashing scar later, I'm over it.

In October, my brother Osman finally crossed the pond and visited us on our tiny speck of land.  This is how we do fall in BDA.

We also celebrated my favorite holiday of the year - Halloween!

In November, Jordan completed a successful biopsy, and we all breathed a sigh of relief!

And Miss Mina did her family proud with her excellent academic citations.

That's my girl!

November also brought out the ninja stylings of Jordan, who helped raise over $400 dollars towards his team's gymnastics program.  Here he shows off at city hall.

December - time to fatten up for the winter!  This month was so full of activities, between school, work an friends.  It was amazing. 

After fully enjoying the Christmas swing in BDA, we arrived in NYC on December 26, ready to end the year on a bang.

2013 was a fantastic year for Team Trimarchi.  I have full faith the next one will be equally memorable.  May the road rise to meet you, and the wind be at your back!  Cheers!
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