Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bermuda Easter 2014


One of the projects I promised to do was put together a snapshot of Bermuda pics and traditions for a friend for her school class.  I immediately thought of this when I looked at our pictures from this past Easter.  Bermuda has its own traditions when it comes to Easter.  Kite flying on Good Friday is one of them.

I just love the idea of enjoying the beach and the serenity of those aquamarine seas on an April day.  I promise I did not edit that pic for color.  This was Elbow Beach.


Kite flying can be hard work.  Look at the worry on this face.


Of course, once it's up in the air - pure glee.


We also still do the same things we used to do back in the USA - an Easter egg hunt with friends..


A full basket of candy for me to inspect.


Getting dressed up for a big meal - one I did not have to cook.. yay!  As much as I love drooling over what everyone else makes for this holiday, and admiring all the beautiful table settings and desserts, I did not have it in me to do anything except hit the brunch at one of the restaurants on the island.  This pregnancy is really doing a number on me.  I am wiped out. 

Four more months to go!
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