Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Four months to go

Pregnancy update:

I'm now 22 weeks and in full nesting mode.  Even though there are several months to go, I know stuff needs to get done now.  In another month, it becomes oppressively hot and humid here.  My motivation to do anything, will be shot.  I can promise you no one is going to want to be moving furniture, painting and putting a crib together come June or July.  By August, when the baby is due, you will find me sitting out back floating in the pool.  It's the only way to beat the BDA summers.

So for now, we are busy converting the guest room to a nursery, ordering some rugs, painting, getting the furniture situation under control, organizing baby clothing, and putting together a yard sale to get rid of all the old stuff and rid my basement of the clutter that is making me go crazy. 

Jeff is thrilled.


I had my 20 week ultrasound. Baby is definitely a boy and all looks good so far.  As I put up his ultrasound pictures on the corkboard, I realized with three kids, I may have to rethink this jumbo corkboard in the kitchen idea.  It's a shame, I love this.  Bonus - scored it at a preschool closing yard sale here on the island.  It's about the size of four standard corkboards put together.

I've been very lucky with friends gifting us with their baby stuff.  I've got a crib lined up, and have a small bouncy chair, an exersaucer and tons of clothes.  I'm dying from the cuteness overload.  And all the wee little onesies!!  I forgot how tiny these babies are!


I can't wait to put this on him.  I hope he's a nice chunky baby with big thighs - that would go perfect with this outfit. 
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