Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jordan's project - show and tell.

Jordan's Show and Tell project - visiting Grand Cayman.
This year's attempt involved more effort on his part than last years (bringing our dog Oscar to school), so I applauded that.  But for the life of me, I couldn't really understand why he chose to focus on a few hours spent on Grand Cayman rather than something more encompassing - like, e.g, the week on the Disney Cruise.

"What was it about Grand Cayman that you liked so much?"

"I liked the flag.  It was colorful."

"Ok.. but apart from that, what was it about being in Grand Cayman that you liked?  What would you want to tell people about?"

"The beaches.  I like the beach."

Sometimes, it is a struggle getting someone to open up about an experience, especially when he is just 9 years old.  I mentally pictured how one would convey the glory of a Cayman beach to a bunch of kids from Bermuda - home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I went with it though.  We did some research online to identify all the components of the flag and what they represented (the turtle, the pineapple, the waves, the motto.)  We studied the origins of the country and a brief history of its ownership. We printed out some pictures and discussed layout and design.  Then we sat down and planned a little about what he would say.  I made him jot down those notes on the poster board so he would remember them when standing up before the class.

Public speaking takes practice.  Notes help.  It's also amazing to me how comfortable the kids are these days doing research online.  I still monitor it, but they get the concept of key word searches and the different search engines they can use. 
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