Thursday, August 21, 2014

Glimpses of summer 2014

Our pictorial summer.  Starting with my ever expanding belly.  Bermuda summers and pregnancy do not mix well.  Mental note to self.

Belly shot.

It was a milestone summer for other reasons too - both kids went to sleep away camp for the first time.  It was only a two week session, but it felt like a major moment for me.  Were they too young?  Would they be ok?  What if one of them got sick?  Would Jordan remember to take his medication?

Not sure if sleep away camp is something common in other parts of the US.  I grew up in upstate NY, and I can't say it was a big thing.  I did sports camps, but they only lasted a week or two.  Jeff says they are very common among the city kids he grew up with in Brooklyn. 

Everyone he knew went away for most of the summer.  Oddly he did not, but his mom confirmed that she did the same growing up.  My desire to do it stemmed first from wanting Jordan to have the gymnastics experience that he can't get here.  So when we discovered IGC, and realized it was in the Poconos, it seemed a no-brainer.  The challenge was finding a short program for Mina, close by.  I researched it, and we settled on Camp Lohikan, after getting some positive feedback from friends.

But, being the helicopter mom that I am, I felt it was important that one of us be in the US during the two week period.... just in case.


I packed.  A lot.

Camp 2014

They had fun!


Jordan had a fantastic experience at International Gymnastics Camp in Stroudsburg, PA.  He finally perfected his spins on the mushroom and got to meet other boys equally dedicated to gymnastics.  He met Olympic visiting coaches, got to stay up really late, and discovered the joys of a canteen account.

I had the briefest glimpse of what it would be like when both kids were no longer home. 


When they returned to Bermuda, it was time to try new things.  Mina spent two weeks sailing with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  And Jordan spent one week playing golf at Tucker's Point.  After that, it was all gymnastics training with the boys team out in St. David's.  Every. Single. Day.  And to his credit, he did not complain once.  So proud of him.


Mina learns about the boats she will sail at orientation.



While the kids were in the States, I stayed on the east coast to be close by.  I got to hang out for a bit with my niece and nephews!  Shake Shack anyone?


One of our neighbors here in BDA left the island, and to commemorate, all of the neighbors bought a photo package as a send off.  Here are the Fairpoint kids hamming it up in the backyard (or as we say here - the garden.)


Mina's birthday was a big deal, and since it occurs the same week as her dad's, we spent the week celebrating.


Which obviously includes chocolate covered pancakes.


A slight blip in the radar occurred this week when Jordan came down with a bad fever.  It lasted so long, he had to be admitted to the local hospital for IV fluids and antibiotics.  Three days later, he was ready for discharge.  Thanks again to the fantastic nursing team we had at King Edward Memorial Hospital.  They went above and beyond. 

Two weeks left before school starts, and the kids are looking forward to one last adventure with Grandma H.


And I am looking forward to  something too.  Couple weeks left.....

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