Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014

It was my favorite time of the year ... Halloween!  It took me till the end of the month and two hurricanes later, but I finally pulled the decorating bin out and gussied up my home. 


We (i.e me) bought some pumpkins and set out carving (ok, Jeff carved) on Halloween eve.  We don't carve earlier than that because the heat, humidity, and ant assault would destroy the gourds if we did it any earlier. 


Finished products.


Last minute costuming - Jordan as the demonic chef!  For the record, he wanted to go as a "carrot."  When I looked at him blank faced, he laughed and said, "Ok, how about a kiwi?"  This is what I countered with.


Face-painting I can do.  Kiwi costuming - no.


Mina made it easier for me - Anna (Frozen) to coincide with her friend's Elsa.  Look at Jordan hugging her for the picture.  That cracked me up.


No, the makeup did not scare the baby.


Speaking of which - here he is.  My little skeletor.  Look how chunky he is getting.  Two months old, just had his doctor check up and passed with flying colors.  Look at those chins!
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