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Our 2014 Bermuda Year in Review

Time for our annual year in review!  It's cliché, but certainly true for us, that so much can change in one year.

January 2014

As I was preparing for Jordan's 9th birthday, I distinctly recall feeling off sorts.  I was too busy googling how to make a Minecraft birthday cake, and losing my mind copying Pinterest ideas for a  to focus on what was rapidly developing.  That is, I was pregnant.


Fast forward to Jordan's actual birthday weekend - spent in Connecticut at his first gymnastics meet.  I knew by now that I was pregnant with Theo.  Not that this would interfere with watching the meet. 

Jordan scored high enough to medal on rings as well as earn an all-around place for level 4.


We also got a chance to see the cousins!  That was one of the highlights of the trip.



Fast forward to the spring of 2014 (March-April), our news was out.  We had planned our first Disney cruise, the year before, and it was time to set sail from Port Canaveral, Fl.  Not counting Theo's birth, this cruise was one of the best parts of 2014.


I can't say enough good things about it.  No question that it is pricey, but it is definitely something to save up for.  From beginning to end, we all had an amazing time.  Disney knows how to do it right.


Florida continues to remain one of our favorite home away from homes.  When we returned from the cruise, we enjoyed the remaining days of spring break in Tampa.  The kids got their bounce on at Airheads Trampoline park.




Back in BDA, and it was time for the rites of Spring - the Agricultural Fair, Easter weekend, kite flying, egg hunting, etc.  Above, Jordan performs with the boys team at the Ag show doing some tumbling on the stadium grounds.




May is for mothers, and my little Bean made my Mother's Day a special treat with nutella rice krispy squares.


I also started hitting nesting mode in late spring and insisted on a yard sale to clear out space.



Celebrating Father's Day at Harbourfront restaurant.


Jordan also did extremely well at the annual school prize giving - earning special recognition for academic achievement,


The summer marked a milestone for both kids because they had their first experience at sleepaway camp.  For two weeks, the kids got a chance to enjoy summer without their parents.  Jordan trained at a gymnastics center and Mina went to a coed camp nearby in PA.  Both of them raved about their experiences, and Mina has asked to go longer this year. 

I was a nervous wreck, of course, and missed them beyond belief, but it was made easier by being in the US during those weeks.  I caught up with friends and family, did some shopping, then helped bring the kids back home at the end of it.


Camp 2014

July was also about birthdays of course - Miss Mina turned 8.



The sweltering days of BDA summers were upon us, and I could barely make it off the couch at this point. 

Unfortunately, Jordan contracted some random virus that had him feverish for days on end.  He wound up in the hospital until we finally got it down.  The kids had been scheduled to see Grandma H and Michael during this time.  That had to be postponed.


Luckily though, there was still enough time left in the month to make it back to PA.  More adventures were had with Grandma and Michael leading the way.



School started early this year, and Theo decided the first day would make a perfect time for his appearance as well.

Jordan's expression says it all.  He instantly fell in love with the little guy.




Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and we continued to make it a fun day for us all.  Theo managed to get dressed up as well.


October was scary for other reasons - namely the back to back hurricanes we had in the form of Fay and Gonzalo.


The silver lining though was our escape off the island.  For Gonzalo, we decided to bite the bullet and get off.  Escape to PA meant a chance to see family visiting the east coast as well!


Back in BDA, Mina entertained us all with her poetry - selected for the Saltus Poetry café.



November was a little quiet for Theo and I.  The big kids departed for the states with their dad to celebrate a family reunion over Thanksgiving.  We stayed behind and got a chance to bond in the early morning hours.  This might have been the first year in history I did not stuff myself with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Is it morning yet? #partyallnight


 December is always a busy month here, and this year was no exception.  School Christmas assemblies occupy a big chunk of time, and this year, Mina was a little mouse.  She did so well!


Jordan also had the first overseas meet of the year in Boston.  Despite exceptional scores, he faced stiff competition.  No medals at this one, but we were super proud of him for competing at Level 5 for the first time.


The remainder of the month was filled with holiday parties, music recitals, fabulous food and gift giving.

And of course, Christmas day, itself was spent basking in the brilliance of Bermuda beaches.  That's just how we roll!


It's been the most astounding of years for us.  Our little family has increased by one, but our hearts have grown ten times larger with the love we have for him.  He's fit right in and is becoming the most delicious of babies.  Today (Jan 2) he is officially four months old.  He's smiling, laughing, reaching out for things, rolling over from tummy to back.  He lights up when he sees someone he recognizes, and is finally learning to relax in the car seat.  He's a great baby, and is over the initial colicky stage that beset him early on.  Although he isn't sleeping through the night yet, he consistently gives us 5-6 hour stretches in the evening.  He loves his bathtime, walks in the Bjorn, and his Little Mr. Sunshine in the chair rocker.

What's the matter?

We are a lucky family indeed!
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