Sunday, July 05, 2015

Let Freedom Ring! July 4, 2015

Another Fourth of July here in Bermuda. A year ago, I was sweating my way through the summer with this one under wraps. 

This year - Celebrating on the beach as the sun sets 

This guy too. Mina won him at one of the kid events. 

I drove into town in the morning and saw the US Coast Guard had sailed the "Eagle" into Hamilton Harbour. I love seeing the huge flag fly from that mast. 

We enjoyed a great night celebrating with friends who are leaving the island soon. Great food, music and fireworks set the background. As the sky darkened the bonfires were lit and the night sky was filled with stars. 

There is something so magical about being on the beach at night.

After arriving home, the kids decided the best way to wash the sand off was to immediately jump into the pool. 

Hence, family jump made its appearance yet again. 

Not Theo though. Not yet. He was sound asleep. 

Maybe next year. 
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