Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Let the mad rumpus begin! Christmas season arrives in BDA.

I refuse to indulge in anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

 I just don't. Every holiday deserves it's own respect.

That said, the minute I had cleaned up the house, packed away the wineglasses and kicked the prosecco headache I had from feasting, it was time to bring up the ornament boxes. 

Tree up, decorations awaiting, and the amazon prime music playing Christmas music in the background. I am so excited!!

I will truly miss the holiday season in Bermuda. It's very special. Apart from the walk on the beach Christmas Day, to the joy of warm weather and the pretty lights of the boat parade ... Christmas in BDA is just simpler and calmer.  There is another quality about it that I can't quite put into words. Perhaps it's the combination of island and British charm that makes it seem almost vintage. Quaint?  

I love the annual ballet recitals, the carols for all, the Christmas school parties, the kids shopping day, the open houses, the holiday parties at friends homes , the way the island is all aflutter up to Christmas then shuts down completely for the week after. 

It's really lovely.  

I'm dragging Jeff out to everything, despite his urge to Grinch out and lounge around at home in his spare time.  I keep telling him, "This is our last year....."  I'm determined to enjoy it all.

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