Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Random Disney Moments, October 2015

Because I know how much I love looking back on great memories.


Jeff strolling down Main Street expressing faux Disney happiness and trying not to think about how much this is all costing.

As an aside, I absolutely loved fall Disney décor.  The orange and black and pumpkins and yellow mums everywhere - love!  Halloween is my favorite holiday, and spending it at Disney during a rare school week off that doesn't coincide with any of the American holidays was priceless.  Very unlikely to happen again, so I savored it all.

Disney during the Christmas season is pretty amazing too.  I still remember Main Street's Osbourne Festival of Lights and the snow falling.  I've read they are going to phase that out this year.  So sad.  But if I know Disney, they will find a way to make something else magical happen.


Theo is not a big tv watcher.  He just doesn't have the attention span.  But he loves Woody and Buzz, from A Toy Story.  Not that he can sit through a whole movie.  He loves them because his pediatrician's office has these larger than life murals of them on the wall.  When we walk in there for appointments, his face light up.

Getting to see the characters at Disney was such a kick.  He was at the perfect age for it too - I know at some point the little kids get scared of these enormous characters, right up there in your face.  Theo was spellbound.


The Barnstormer - Jordan's favorite ride.  He rode it over and over again.  At last count - 6 times in a row.  Thank goodness it was raining and the crowds had dispersed and there was no line.


Of course he dragged Grace, Jason and Mina along too.


Exiting triumphantly from the ride for the umpteenth time.  This was the first year we let Jordan and Mina have more independence as far as rides and splitting up and meeting us at designated locations.  It is a far cry from years past when I never let them out of my sight.


and then there's this guy - riding Dumbo for the first time.  Kristen took such a great shot of the three of us from the Dumbo in front.


Jordan's windswept look on Test Track.


Theo waking up to lunch at Rainforest Café.  I can't even imagine what was going on in his head when he awoke to the animatronic creatures and jungle rainstorms around him.

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