Friday, November 06, 2015

Theo at 12 months - Happy Birthday!

Twelve months passed by both quickly and slowly - if that makes any sense.  The early days (and months) of sleepness nights and zombie days felt like they would never end. 

The days rolled on though and gradually, it became possible to look up from the haze of newborn days and rejoin the world. Over time, that little bundle developed a personality of his own. 
My little guy at 12 months:

P6 (5th grade) P5 (4th grade) and Theo - 1 year old

Happy, easy- going, great disposition. He loves his big brother and sister, he eats just about everything. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Elmo and Mickey Mouse are his current favorite cartoon characters. He mostly sleeps through the night, with an occasional wake up for a cuddle ( this habit needs to be nipped in the bud -  I'm looking at you, Jeff.)

Although he's not walking independently yet, he's taken his first steps and will walk holding hands with someone. 

I can't believe how many teeth he has!

 His favorite foods are peanut butter, Cheerios, French toast, pasta, and ice cream. He loves fruit like strawberries and raspberries; and he is the only kid of mine who devours asparagus.

My smiley guy. 

Meeting Elmo at his friend's birthday party. 
To celebrate Theo's first birthday, we had a small party at home with a handful of friends. Jeff barbecued some streaks and we had tons of appetizers, sides and desserts. Woody and Buzz made an appearance on the cake, and the little guy was as happy as you can imagine. 


Such a cliché, but this year flew by!
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