Thursday, January 07, 2016

Throw Back Thursday, random snippets

Thinking this is February 2010, judging from the roses, which Jeff sent me for Valentine's Day.  If I recall correctly, he was traveling to London, during one of the worst snow storms we had in Leonia.  I believe that was the winter I cursed the sky and prayed I would never have to shovel snow again.  Look how that turned out.  By September I had quit my job and we were living in Bermuda.

I love that she used to let me pick out her clothes.  That top was from Boden kids.  The glasses (her nod to fashion) belonged to her Brownstone Buddies doll.  She decided she looked better in them.  I don't even try picking out clothes for her anymore.  The things I buy on my own, with her in mind, are just left hanging in the closet, untouched.

Ms. Ann's dance and song class at the Leonia rec center.  Mina never met a costume she didn't love.  Those were fun classes.  It was such a great idea having something for the little kids to do, and I remember thinking how clever Ann was for organizing them.

Eventually, of course Mina was old enoug to start pre-school.  She joined her brother, Jordan at the Greenhouse in Fort Lee.  I loved that school.  I wonder if it's still as I recall.  Theo won't be quite old enough to go there when we return, alas.
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