Monday, December 12, 2005

Are you nuts??

It's positive. I checked. Twice. Jordan will be a big brother sometime this summer. And if all goes well, we will be the proud parents of "two under two."

In anticipation of the responses, I've prepared these FAQ's and answers to help out. Please review.

1. Are you guys crazy?
Why yes...yes we are. That should be obvious by now.

2. When are you due?
Sometime late July or August.

3. What are you having?
Don't know the sex yet.

4. Will you find out?
Yes, we will find out.

5. How old is Jordan going to be?
Jordan will be 18 months old, approximately.

6. When are you getting back to work?
I'll get back to work at some point. Don't worry. We won't lose the house.

7. Was this planned?
Well., let's just say it's a little earlier than we expected, but it's all good.

8. Weren't you guys using protection?
Well, protection is a relative term. the sense that you assume general celibacy and the exhaustion of new parenthood is contraception enough. I guess my high school health teacher was right after all. It only takes one time.

9. You guys couldn't wait awhile?
See #7 and #8 above.

10. How are you guys going to manage this?
One day at a time, my friend...and a healthy dose of humor.

By the way, I'd personally like to take this opportunity to thank our good friends Justin and Sandrine, who are conveniently out of the country at the moment. We believe we have figured out "when this all happened". And it appears to coincide with that night in October we met for your bon voyage sendoff. Gentle readers, be warned, this is what a pitcher or two will do to you.
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