Monday, September 17, 2007

Where in the world are we now?

The storefront you see may be a ubiquitous feature of anywhere, USA, but actually, we're on Lexington Ave, in Manhattan - the upper east side, for the annual 92nd St. street fair. About ten city blocks were set aside for the event. The gorgeous fall weather demanded outdoor amusement, and we happily obliged.

I don't know what it's like in other cities, but there's something about a NYC street fair that you just have to experience for yourself. You can expect the unhealthy food, the cheap trinkets, and the crowds of people jostling for their little bit of space on the pavement. Yet, despite that, it's fun. There's so much to see and do.

Like sample your mad soccer skillz. This particular street fair was geared towards the kids...and their parents, of course. Apart from the food and cheap baubbles, there were some entertaining diversions. Like soccer! Monkey tested out his kicking, and was pretty impressive, for a two and a half year old.

Miss Mina was more deliberate in her pre-game preparation. First, you must assess the size of the ball. The shape, the color, the heft of it. Silver soccer balls require just the right type of kick velocity for maximum goal potential. With this kind of concentration, we expect great things in the future from our little Mia Hamm.

And then there were the crafts. Monkey has a remarkable attention span when it comes to arts and crafts ... particularly those involving candy, sugary cereal, and pretzels. For the non-artisans reading this, Monkey is diligently working on his latest masterpiece...the "snack-lace." It consists of a licorice string, upon which he has beaded rainbow colored cheerios, pretzels, and assorted edible bits.

He needed a little help actually tying the thing around his neck. Parents are good for something after all.

Yep, everything in order.

And now on to the best part.

We got there very early, which was the wise move. By midday, the crowds were too deep to let Miss Mina walk alone. And since she's on complete stroller boycott, there was a whole lot of carrying around being done. No problem. I love carting around a little bowling bowl in my arms up and down the city streets. I lifted her this way and that, shifting from one hip to the other, to ensure that both my biceps and triceps got a workout. Heading to the beach next week, after all...gotta look good in the bathing suit.


At the local pizzeria, Miss Mina must have begun considering the same thing, since she was not so interested in eating. Hmmm...unusual.

Full on snacklace, the Monkey didn't eat much either. Apple juice was sufficient. Hydration is important, you know.

Well, we must have done something right, because both of them napped away for hours upon our return home. Of course, both Monkey Sr., and I did the same. So, as usual, the weekend flew by in a blur. This is ok though...

In less than a week, we will be "relaxing" on the beach. If all goes well, we shall be leaving the crowds far behind.
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