Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Treats at School.

Last night, I began assembling another snack for Jordan's preschool class - in honor of his birthday. Here's the finished product - Jello Fruit Jiggler cups.

After the jello had set, I decorated the fruit cups this morning - with Mina's help ... and after she ate one to sample it.

That's right, like the box says - "Two tablets per day deliver." Today's celebration is brought to you by Costco, without which the kids would not be getting bulk fruit from me, out of season.

I brought the snack in today at 10:00, avoiding the icy sidewalk, and trying to keep Mina from running into the road. She had the day off, and was very excited to go to school as a visitor instead of a student.

I told Jordan all week we'd be coming in today; but I don't think he believed me until he saw us at the door of his classroom. Then he burst into a huge smile, and shouted, "Mommy!!" That made my day.

I think she's fascinated by the candle.

That was fun! Seeing Jordan in school is always amusing. And watching Mina interact with him and the other kids makes me laugh. At some point, I hope she'll be as excited about her own class as she is in Jordan's.

Jordan's actual party is Sunday... argh. Decided to go big this year, since we did a small one last year. And as usual, I'm kind of dreading that call.

Wish us luck for tomorrow though - Jordan's having a full blown heart biopsy. It's the big one - the annual. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I haven't told him yet, but I will this afternoon to get him ready.

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