Friday, December 02, 2005


The monkey's hair calls to mind the lyrics to that classic hippy loving musical. As much fun as it is to play with this hair, the time has come for an official haircut. Little monkey - welcome to the joys of a "day of beauty" at the kiddie salon.

Like a condemned man, the little monkey is wheeled in.

He is oblivious to the distractions like the pile of soccer balls that amuse simpler minded children.

The little monkey scans his surroundings
while creepy baby-in-a-box stares on.

Strapped in. No turning back now. The little monkey is not amused, despite the pink plastic barber bib he is forced to wear. Will the humiliation never end?

Shorn of his long locks, the little monkey howls and fights to escape.

We regroup back in the car. Little monkey is battle worn, but calm. He received his certificate of first haircut, balloon and lollipop, and is ready to face the world again - a new man.
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