Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adventures in Bulk Shopping.

Even before we became parents, we were big fans of Costco. The limited confines of a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn did not deter us from buying our paper towels and chicken in bulk. No way, man. We managed to make space. Who wouldn't when there was all that savings to be had?!?

Needless to say, now that we are deep in the throes of suburbia, and knee deep in monkeys, the relevance of Costco has taken on a whole other dimension. Rarely does a weekend go by when we don't manage to find our way to the warehouse away from home. We almost always bring the monkeys. And we have it down to a science.

Now that both of them can fit into the Costco shopping cart, we can dispense with the double stroller. Bonus - we push them around really fast, and they think it's fun. Look at Miss Mina grinning from ear to ear! Of course, she's holding on for dear life, but that's ok. She's got a good grip. Little Monkey is more dare-devil now and uses his hands to tweak the pom-pom on his sister's fuzzy hat.

Miss Mina was pretty excited to be shopping. She leans in to discuss items on her list. No, we have enough Ipods, I think.

Someone actually asked us if they were twins. Hmmm.. I really don't think they look anything alike. But then again, I also don't think they look too much like me - their mother, the one who carried each of them for about 10 months apiece..the one who still has the stretch marks to prove it.

I really like that Costco has the shopping cart that allows two kids to sit in it. Unfortunately, like most males, Little Monkey takes up more than his fair share of space.

Miss Mina fights back. She's a toughie.

Apparently, all the excitement of bulk shopping has worn out Monkey. He lets out a massive yawn.

But then leans back in contentment. Wouldn't you be this blissful knowing you had all those diapers ahead of you? No doubt, great things await us. Costco also sells garbage bags in bulk. We like them too.
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