Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our tuition dollars hard at work.

I got to join Monkey at school today for a very special arts and crafts project. The project involved a rock. That's all I was told. Except, that it had to be a big one, and I had to supply it. Oh, and I had to show up at school, and find parking, less than two hours after dropping the monkey off in the first place.

I was very excited to see Monkey marched out to meet us in the parking lot. Note how nicely he is walking down the ramp, and even holding on to the railing. Only last week, he was reprimanded for racing down the same ramp. They are breaking him after all, I see.

I had a feeling paint was involved. That explains why we were all herded into the safety of the outdoors. Nothing to gain from spilling loads of orange and black paint all over the pristine floors of the school.

Monkey loves this kind of stuff. I admit it, I do too. The idea was to paint a jack-o-lantern on the rock using familiar shapes like circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. There were some templates provided, to inspire the kids. Monkey quickly abandoned that suggestion and tackled his rock free-form. I liked that. I know he knows his shapes. The circle-square-triangle thing is old hat for him. How many two year olds do you know that can identify an octagon? Jordan can. He's been identifying shapes for a long time. I didn't push the shape thing on a rock lesson. I was more interested in seeing him create a face.

Monkey's finished product. That one there in the middle.

You can kind of tell which kids have the alpha-mommies, and which ones just let the kids muck about with paint. In the end, some of us fall into the category of get-your-rock-from-the-backyard. And some go to Home Depot.

Our rock may have been a little quirky, our face a little impressionist..but we had fun.
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