Sunday, November 11, 2007

An Open Letter to the Universe.

Dear God, it's me..Sadaf.

Having survived the past 11 days, you have convinced me. I get it. You have a sense of humor. How else to explain it? Two sick kids, a sick husband, a barfing dog, one raging ear infection, one oozing eye infection, and four molars coming in all at once? If this isn't the stuff of classic sitcom, I don't know what is. But can we move on already?

I'm still mentally replaying the highlights.

Me thinking Miss Mina was all fine and healthy again (ha ha. That was a good one), only to wake up the next morning at 3:00 to the sound of her hysterical screams. It was only once the sun came up that I discovered the source of her agony. Four molars. Plus one random tooth. All coming in at once. She has been inconsolable.

There was one moment of silence during the day while I cleared away the table. It was too quiet. That's always a red flag. I went into the living room to investigate. There she was. Miss Mina was happily sitting on the couch chewing furiously on a half filled peanut butter kong. What's that you say? You don't know what a kong is? Let me illustrate.

That red plastic thing is a kong. That animal enjoying it is the proper four legged one to be doing so. It's a doggy chew toy that you fill with peanut butter to keep them occupied. It is not intended for human consumption.

I paused for just one second to admire sheer determination it must have taken Miss Mina to (a) find the half hidden kong from earlier in the day, (b)seize it before Oscar noticed and (c) climb up onto the couch all by herself to eat it.

I did not take a picture because I was shocked and horrified and snatched it away from her in a fit of screaming and hysteria. The doggie germs were bad enough. But silly me, I was still thinking that she hadn't tried peanut butter yet, and didn't need her succumbing to anaphylaxis shock on my watch.

She was not happy to lose her prize.

Other random moments of hilarity.

Miss Mina took her first steps on the long road towards discovering a calling in life. Looks like we might be raising another doctor in the family. The thermometer was out so often this week, she finally decided to try it out for herself. On her brother. Careful Bean, that one is an under the arm model.

To his credit, he was pretty cooperative about it. He also was trapped in the attached-to-the-table high chair. Love that thing.

I'm not quite sure how we've gotten through the most recent round of sickness. There was a lot of play-dough involved.

And shaving cream.

And computer games.

And chocolate milk.

Beanie is still suffering with those teeth. I'm still squinting through my oozy eyes. Oscar is still randomly barfing from eating too many bits of play dough off the floor.

But, I am fairly confident the monkey is well enough to be going to school tomorrow. And God, in conclusion, I'd like to say that as flattered as I am that you've chosen me as the subject of your merriment, perhaps there's more pressing matters to attend to now. Thanks.

humbly yours,
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