Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time keeps on ticking..ticking..ticking.....into the future

And so passed the longest day of our lives. It consisted of endless hours of caring for, feeding, changing, medicating, wiping noses, suctioning snot, taking temperatures, worrying, and entertaining two sick and feverish monkeys. No one was happy. No one wanted to eat, drink, stop whining, or amuse themselves for one minute.

Since Jordan started preschool, this sick day routine has become a regular part of our lives. He seems to be well for a couple weeks, catches a bug, and then is out for an entire week. At this rate, I'm going to have to do a dollar cost averaging of exactly how much his tuition is, in light of the time he actually spends in school. This may be turning out to be a much more costly endeavor than we previously estimated.

It was a long day. The hours blurred between light and dark as one or the other woke up around the clock. Whimpers here, a scream out loud there, a request for milk, or a midnight snack. And the fun began all over again officially in the "morning."

And because the day was not perfect enough, it was cold, rainy, and windy outside. No chance of even a quick romp on the driveway with some chalk.

How did we manage?


A lot of it. All day long. Endless loops of Baby Galileo. Over and Over and Over again. For the uninitiated, this is a video from the Baby Einstein series. In it, dimwitted puppets prance around and "teach" your child all about the planets, stars, and galaxies. But not in any meaningful or interesting way. And it's basically just one big psychedelic toy commercial. Complete with kangaroos. And mobiles.

I hate it. Jordan loves it. He whines the loudest. Guess who won?

Miss Mina tried to exercise her veto option with the new found power of the remote control.

While Jordan rediscovered Oscar's leash.

And attempted to take himself out for a walk. I might use that strap later to hang myself out of sheer desperation, but I'll try to get a good post in before I do. I'd like to end it with a bang.
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