Thursday, February 21, 2008

Red Moon and Southern cooking.

Before heading out with the girls tonight, the Monkey and I did some last minute arts and crafts. He is laboring under the impression that I will be so distracted by the crayons, that I will forget to put him to bed.

This is why he immediately starts me on a drawing project.

"What's Mommy gonna draw?" He asks. I oblige with my generic Mouse of the female persuasion.

Before heading out, I took a picture of the full moon, pre - eclipse.

Then they put the fried chicken, mac and cheese and sweet potatoes in front of me, and I forgot all about the moon. Eventually I came up for air.

When I got home, I watched it turn red. My camera was a step behind me.


I had to link to this. If only because it made me snort.
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