Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Trouble...

with a night out these days is that I pay for it, dearly. And I don't mean babysitting fees or the cost of a movie ticket. I mean real payback. I went out last night with my local mom's posse to watch Sex and the City. For various scheduling reasons, we wound up at the 9:30 show. That translated into getting home at midnight.

photocredit: lightningbaron

It was a great night. Loads of fun pre-movie, catching up over drinks and appetizers. And the movie was very cute - light hearted, funny, great clothes, great visuals of a extremely toned Sarah Jessica Parker (I need all the inspiration I can get!), and a Brooklyn reunion that had me in tears.

But, par for the course, God punished me in that special way that only He is capable of. I got home at midnight, knowing full well I needed to be up at 6:00 am later. That's ok. I could live with that. What was harder to deal with was the 4:00 am surprise wake up call from Jordan, begging for milk (that's what happens when you skip dinner), and the subsequent 5:00 am screaming by Mina. That little outburst lasted only about 30 seconds, just long enough to wake me up from a dead sleep.

So, anyway, I dragged today. Managed to get Jordan off to school, then did some walking with the Bean. An impromptu playdate later, and then it was time to pick Jordan up from school. By that point, I was finally awake and back into the groove.

Last week, I ranted about the New York Times with respect to an article in the Dining section. They redeemed themselves this week with a recipe for "Mexican Summer on A Stick." Read further, and Mark Bittman writes about delicious frozen Popsicle recipes for those scorching summer days to come. The picture captured my attention since I recently purchased similar Popsicle molds from Target. The recipe for banana paletas was so easy, I knew it would work for a mommy-Jordan cooking task.

It took maybe ten minutes. And it includes simple manipulative tasks that a little one can perform. Jordan cut up the banana into chunks, using a butter knife. He poured the sugar and milk into the blender(teeny-tiny mishap there), and watched carefully as I explained measurements on the measuring spoons. The only difficulty arose when he asked to step away from the blender, since the noise scared him. So I took him off the counter, and he watched from a safe distance, two feet away.

Once blended, I allowed both him and Miss Mina to sample the banana milkshake, before pouring it into the new Popsicle molds. They approved. I stuck the molds in the freezer, and we all forgot about it. Until after dinner.

Jordan did not feel like eating, apparently. He nibbled a bite of his quesadilla, then hopped down from the table. I ignored him. Mina continued eating, finished her meal, and was offered a dessert. She responded with a hearty, "Dessert!! Mo-Mo dessert!!" (translated - yes, I would like some dessert, please.)

So I handed her a paleta, and she dove in. I made lots of noise praising her dessert eating skills, and before you know it, Jordan ran back into the kitchen. He took one look at Mina, climbed back into his seat, and resumed eating his dinner. I said nothing.

I just watched him, watching her. After a fair amount of dinner was eaten, he got his banana Popsicle. He ate it delicately, not allowing a precious drop to fall onto the table. Once finished, he got down from the table, brought his plastic Popsicle stick to the sink, dropped it in, stood patiently while I wiped his hands and face, then walked away, with all the dignity a three-and-a-half year old is capable of mustering.

Banana Paletas - Banana Popsicles

2 Medium bananas cut into chunks

1 cup whole milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup sugar

place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. To remove Popsicles from mold, run warm water along the sides for a few seconds before extracting.

Monkey Sr. enjoyed one later that evening too.
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