Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monkey Sr. made an interesting point today. The kids do so many things, he said. I wish there was a way to remember it all. With the blog, he said, you remember some things. You can write about certain things, and there's pictures. But wouldn't it be good to remember all the stuff? The funny things they say, their expressions. Wouldn't it be great to be able to share it with them one day?

I think that too. During the day, when one of them comes up with something, I just wish I could write it down or store it away long enough to write about it somewhere. I never get that chance. I always forget. When the time comes to write about what I really want to ... I just forget.

How do you remember all these days? All of it, really.

They keep telling me how fast these days go by. Sometimes, I wonder what that really means. Days when it seems the temper tantrums will never end, or the potty training goes on, or the nights when dinners go uneaten. Sometimes I wonder when they'll grow up already.

And then sometimes I wonder, how'd we get this far, this fast? The days when they entertain themselves, or the nights when one of them will pick a book to read, and listen intently, understanding every word, and asking questions. Then there are days when we can sit at the table and have conversations, or moments when one will hug me and tell me he loves me. (Then the other will come over for a hug too.) I fall for it every time, of course.

It's those cute moments I just wish I could preserve forever. Blog or no blog, it doesn't matter.

The moment last an instant and is gone forever.
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