Monday, January 19, 2009

Jordan's 4th Birthday

Thanks everyone, for the concern and well-wishes regarding Jordan's biopsy last Friday. No results yet. I've been speaking to many people I know in the health field, to get their assessment of the situation that occurred. At the very least, there's no question we need to talk about it with Jordan's cardiology team and ideally have a patient advocate present as well.

On to happier things - On Sunday, Jordan came downstairs and saw his birthday setting for breakfast. We hung a "Happy Birthday" Madagascar themed banner, as well as a birthday sign from his class. We put out some family birthday presents from us, Grandma H and Michael, and Uncle Osman and Aunt Dallice. And we made "special pancakes."

Special in that there was a candle involved.


Jeff and I got Jordan a watch, since he's been eyeing mine for weeks now. His is more child-friendly.

Meanwhile, we couldn't help but notice Miss Mina's reaction.

This just about sums it up.

Jordan's birthday party was scheduled for the afternoon. I was a little concerned, since we awoke to several inches of snow outside. Would people be able to make it?

Instead of worrying, the kids headed outside to enjoy the relatively warmer weather - on a sled.

Before long, it was time to get ready to go to the party. This year, we opted to have the party at
"Space Odyssey." I'd seen it many times, but had not attended a party there yet. We decided to give it a try.

I expected nothing but chaos; and I resigned myself.

We were happy to see that the snow did not keep people away.

Welcome to Space Odyssey, my friends. Or as Jeff put it, as we walked through the heavy steel doors - "Welcome to hell!"

Space Odyssey interior

I panicked when we got in. The party room wasn't ready yet, the staff consisted of teenyboppers, and the place seemed packed. There were several parties in various stages of disarray, kids old enough to drive running amok, and no rhyme or reason to anything.

However, once we met our party host, things brightened. He led us to Jordan's room, and got things organized immediately. Jordan was pretty excited.

We started with some bowling.

After getting everyone neatly lined into teams.

Jordan was in his element. All those weeks of Wii bowling have paid off.

Mina had her own technique - one that involved a great deal of hip and arm action.

Followed by the obligatory dance and John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" arm-pose.

After bowling, the kids were marched over to a mini train ride .

And then, we let them loose in the "wacky fun house ." I completely lost sight of both Jordan and Mina at this point. The inner chambers of the wacky fun house are impossible to see into, and as best I could tell, it seemed to be some sort of tunnel that you had to get through to exit out the front.

Jordan figured it out, and made it down the slide. He remained in there for quite awhile.

Mina escaped quickly and went about making friends with some of Jordan's classmates.

Jordan found a basketball to bounce around with.

Jordan checks his watch before dinner. The kids were lined up again, "train style" and escorted back to the party room to eat.

And eat they did. Now, the one thing I wasn't crazy about with this place was the requirement that all food had to be purchased through the company. I'm picky about food, and wanted to bring in stuff from reliable sources. I was pleased to report that their stuff was actually pretty good. The kids dove into the pizza, and the adults ate wraps and fruit.

My only mildly horrific experience was watching Miss Mina guzzle down "fruit punch" before I could get that toxic cup away from her. The look of joy in her face was pretty amusing though.

To watch Jordan eat pizza, you'd never know how picky he really is. I think he had three slices.

And others shared in his delight.



A two hour party moves pretty fast. Cake time! Carvel - my favorite. Upon talking to a friend at the party, I learned you can order extra chocolate crunchies on the side. I am so doing that next time. That's the best part of the cake.

Jordan and Mina made it front and center.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

The glittering moment.

He did it one shot! Excellent respiratory skills.

Mina was kind enough to feed Jordan. Despite her initial grumpiness in the morning, she eventually recovered enough to have a good time.

Of course, I'm sure she's mentally tabulating how long it is "till July," when her birthday rolls around again.

My favorite part of the night occurred after I tucked Jordan into bed. We have a "tradition," (one of many such bedtime routines, Jordan has come up with to delay the inevitable) where I turn the light off, stand by the door and say, "Do you have any questions?"

Jordan will say, "Yes, what's your question?"

I'll say something, which is usually never a question - more of a declarative statement - like, "I love you very much. Have a good night."

Then, he'll say, "And what's my question?"

I say, "I don't know. You tell me."

That evening, he replied:

"My question is, I loved my birthday."

Yes, I almost burst into tears.
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