Friday, May 01, 2009

"Mommy, are you queen of the house?"

Mina asked me, as I was changing the garbage can liner.

"Yes, Mina," I said. "Obviously, I am the Queen of the House."

Even royalty has to take the trash out on garbage day.

Spring has arrived; and the warmer weather means more outdoor play. With that in mind, I am really appreciating the design of our house. Our small backyard is just big enough to keep the kids amused, and it is arranged in such a way that I can watch them from the kitchen while I make dinner.

It's fenced in, so the inmates can't escape; and they are too small to reach up high enough to unlock the gates. They are usually good out there by themselves for a few minutes at a time (before an argument shatters their fragile peace.)

Of course, you can't leave them out there too long. Look carefully at this picture right above. As I was standing at the sink inside, watching the two of them, I began to wonder what the hell Jordan was doing at the base of the slide. Uh-oh. Time to investigate.

Turns out, he got his hands on a bottle of spray on sunscreen that I keep outside. He decided the slide needed some UV protection. Hence, the white splotches. He also managed to spray conspicuous spots on the lawn, for good measure.

Clearly, he was full of remorse.

Clean up time.

The dandelions needed extra attention.

Followed by some Oscar harassment time.

And then, it was time to come in and eat dinner.

And there, at the dining table, the fun just never ends. Every night, it's my own personal groundhog day, relived in one version or another.

We pick.

We poke.

we take a bite.

We break long enough for a rousing version of "Wheels on the Bus," sung a capella

We take another bite.

This is usually what I look like. This is me praying to God for deliverance in my next lifetime. It's also me asking for forgiveness for the many years of mealtime torture I put my own mother through. Karma is a bitch.

Mina usually does a better job of eating without prompting, but she still has a long way to go.

Things we're looking forward to:

1. The Mother's Day tea party at school. This should be amusing.
2. A Brooklyn BBQ reunion in NJ.
3. A visit from some of our California counterparts - Audrey and Richard.
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