Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tea for Three.

This afternoon, we celebrated Mother's Day a little early at the preschool. The staff put together a very sweet tea for the moms. It was so nice! The gym was turned into a little cafe with individual tables where the moms could sit with their child; or in my case - children. Each place setting included hand painted tea cups and saucers that the kids made for us.

I had a hard time sneaking off to take pictures of the dessert buffet. But I did get a quick shot or two before I had to run back to our table and supervise my "hosts."

Yes, here they are... entertaining me at the tea. Jordan looks sloshed. I don't know what they spiked that apple juice with. Mina also couldn't get enough. I loved how the teachers decorated the room. The little tables were too cute, and the pink balloons felt very spring like.

Afternoon tea with my monkeys. The chocolate munchkins may have gotten the best of Mina; and her teeth.

Let's raise our glasses to all the moms out there.

And again because we deserve it.

And together because saying "cheers!" is just so much fun.

Jordan spared me a few seconds away from his dessert to take a picture.

I had to physically restrain Mina for some photo time. I also had to maneuver myself just right to avoid getting that chocolate on my clothing. After two kids, I've gotten pretty good at this.

Drinking from the tea cup was fun.

But, not as much fun as the unlimited access to the dessert buffet bar. Like father, like son. Jordan made at least three trips up there by himself, proudly carrying his little paper plate and showing everyone what he selected this time. The two-bite brownie was a bit hit. I think the freedom of going up there by himself and reaching up to pick what he liked was a major thrill. I'm not sure why he felt the need to show everyone his choices though. But the other moms thought it was pretty amusing.

Oh munchkins. My munchkins.

After the gluttony of the weekend, I had to limit my indulgences today. But I did spare a few points for a bit of chocolate.

Par for the course, that sugar high produced the standard reaction. Time to play with the balloons.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at the book gift favor.

And I'm looking forward to drinking a cup of tea in these myself. I think I overheard the principal tell someone the cups have to be hand washed. Oh dear. At least I'll get to appreciate the artwork up close.
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