Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mofungo, baby!

This year marks a milestone in monkey history. It's the first year Jeff and I ventured without the kids, on a vacation, TOGETHER!

Ahh... Puerto Rico...at sunset.

This is pretty much where we spent the entire two days. Poolside, beachside, lounging.. Note how nicely I've covered up my running injury. Which has now developed into BIGGEST SCAB IN HISTORY. It is seriously so gross, I have been keeping it covered at all times. Sometimes when I cross my legs though, I can feel the fat ridges of the scab brush up against the fabric of my pants and I shudder to myself. I'm never going to be able to wear cute little, summery dresses again.

I digress. View from our room... This was just one side of the pool/lounge area. There was a whole other side of the hotel that was pools and lounge areas with chairs and BEDS! Outdoor beds! And naturally, poolside beverage and food service. This is my kind of vacation.

When we weren't lounging and sunning, we were stuffing out faces. Yep. That's about the nicest way to put it. From happy hours to four star restaurants, we indulged.

Wherein I learned that all things go better with MOFUNGO!! (plantain).

Another reason why I loved Puerto Rico. Hotel lobby statue says it all. If you notice the shadow image in the glass in the left corner, you'll see that after three days, my shape is looking remarkably similar.

It was hard leaving Puerto Rico behind. But with one last sweet gesture, I found yet another reason to love this place.

The airport had these things all over the place.

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