Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bleecher Creatures

Life's too short to be sitting on the sidelines.

Sometimes. you just have to jump in..

Climb over those fences..

And take a swing at it.

Sometimes, you'll find yourself racing with the wind at your back.

And the crowds cheering you on.

Sometimes, you might have to rethink your strategy.

But, don't fear.

There are enough challenges out there to guarantee success at something.

Rock on!

This morning I did a short run. It was perfect running weather. At about 7:30, it was cool, overcast, with just a faint drizzle.

Three miles. Slogged away with my buddies - Ipod and Garmin. This is roughly the course for the town's July 4th 5k. I am not happy with this time. My goal is to beat 30 minutes. I've done some speedwork this spring and have been able to do the 5K course in under 30 minutes, so I am confident I can do it on race day. We shall see. It's nice to run a local course where you know all the hills, long stretches, the best parts to pick up speed, and what lies ahead.

Next week, I'll be heading out west and doing the Boulder Boulder 10k with my brother, Osman. Six miles ya'll! I'm psyched. Before I started doing long miles over the weekend, I never thought I could run 6. Now I know I can. Must stay injury free this week though.

And looking ahead... I think it's time to start aiming for distance. How about a half? Maybe this one? Diva half marathon .

I love the idea of running with a feather boa and tiara!! It appeals to my inner princess.
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