Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painful withdrawal.

Good things about Bermuda:

1. Beaches

2. No snow

Bad things about Bermuda:

1. Without the Internet, we may as well be some island in the middle of the Atlantic... oh... wait.

Don't ask me why I have a picture of Bermuda's feral chickens to illustrate this point. Except that it reflects the reality that when the internet goes, it feels like there's nothing separating us from third world countries with wild chickens running around the roads. Lots of them have good weather too. And no snow.

That's all I have to say. (No one wants to hear me complain about living in Bermuda.)

Internet was missing for an insufferable amount of time; during which I was forced to interact with my husband and children. It's a miracle we're all still alive today. On the plus side, it's amazing how much you can get done when you aren't reading OMG on yahoo.

Let's play catch up.

Jordan turned six.

I don't even know where to begin. He's six years old! He can read, he loves art and numbers and "rockish" bands. He races across the playground and swings from the monkey bars faster than I can breathe. He wakes up at the crack of dawn, and checks his alarm clock to make sure he can leave his room. Except when he doesn't and stomps into ours at 5:00 in the morning. Without fail, he wants french toast for breakfast and peanut butter and jelly for lunch. His favorite food is ice cream, but not just any ice cream. He takes his dessert seriously. He'll ask for an "ice cream parfait" which means ice cream, some form of cake/cupcake, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. If he didn't weigh 40 pounds, I'd be slightly worried about his love of sweets, but for whatever reason - this diet works for him.

He can be the sweetest little boy in the world - when he shares his toys with Mina, or when his face lights up as you praise one of his many artistic creations. He can sneak downstairs in the morning, open up a box of leggos and build himself a star wars mini space cruiser, without any help. Of course, he does this at the aforementioned 5:00 in the morning. And then he'll bring it up to our room to show us....

He has his moments. Oh, he's got lots of them. But in spite of them all, he amazes me. And I cannot believe six years have gone by as quickly as they have.

Moving on, we also entertained our first visitors.

And my favorite: "Don't kill me! I'm your friend!"

It's a bit more of a challenge hosting here in BDA. We're also still learning the island ourselves. But I think our first visitors had fun. Travelling in January can be a dicey experience. Luckily, we were blessed with lots of sunshine and balmy temperatures for most of the visit! I'll take that, even without the internet.
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