Sunday, September 11, 2011

Famous last words..

I suppose I thought I'd always live in NYC. It was where I wanted to be. I was living and working in Brooklyn ten years ago when Twin Towers were attacked. On that day, I remember walking out of the subway at the Court Street stop, and seeing hundreds of people standing still in the park, their eyes turned towards the smoke filling the sky from Manhattan.

"A plane..." someone said.

"A plane hit the Towers."

Today, ten years later, Jeff and I quietly remembered that day in brief snippets of conversation as we recalled how we watched the towers come crashing down on the tv, while simultaneously looking outside our friend's window and seeing it happen in real time. We remembered seeing people covered in ashes as they walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and made their way home.

I never imagined ten years later I would be so removed from the city. I don't know if our lives will ever bring us back there. But on this day, especially, I miss it.

So much.

More importantly, on this day, I remember what it feels like to be an American.

Ten years have passed since that defining day.

I wanted to share this song, "If this is Goodbye," by Mark Knopfler; and sung with Emmylou Harris.

Describing it in an interview, he remarked that the last phone calls of those trapped in the towers were "a triumph of love over hate."

My famous last words
Are laying around in tatters
Sounding absurd
Whatever I try
But I love you
And that's all that really matters
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
Your bright shining sun
Would light up the way before me
You were the one
Made me feel I could fly
And I love you
Whatever is waiting for me
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
Who knows how long we've got
Or what were made out of
Who knows if there's a plan or not
There is our love
I know there is our love
My famous last words
Could never tell the story
Spinning unheard
In the dark of the sky
But I love you
And this is our glory
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
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