Friday, September 06, 2013

Destination NYC.. via BDA.

Before the kids get back to school.. before the drudgery of early mornings and schedules take over our lives again, I must recollect this summer and how quickly it went by.

This year, we spent one month "off island" touring familiar sites along the east coast. Among them were NYC.

A week in Brooklyn and Manhattan was the perfect antidote to life on the Rock. There's something quite fun about being a "tourist" in a city you once were a part of.


The tastiest oysters for our midday lunch, right before an indie movie in the Village.

Sheepshead Bay view, the night of Jeff's Brooklyn suprise party.

Celebrating 40 with old friends.

Gotham Ave cruising.

Munchkins on parade - Brooklyn block parties!

Jordan balances cotton candy while sunflowers grow in Brooklyn.

The best pizza in the world.

Dockside fishing on the canal.

Munchkins discover the Donut Plant in the Lower East side.

Starry nights at MOMA - a great place for a rainy afternoon.

The big kids run free at Victorian Gardens in Central Park. What a treat it was coming here again when they managed all the rides by themselves. We were the parents lounging in the shade, catching up with our old friend, Nataliya.

A long day spent in the city!

Pondering food choices in NYC - endless possibilities. I began my research early!

Among other things, we decided on an Indian night. Oh Tiffinwallah.. you hurt so good.

View from the M&M store, in Times Square. The kids saw their first Broadway show, "Annie!"

NYC is like no other place in the world.

Books read: "Friday Night Lights," H.G. Bissinger; "The Shining," Stephen King.

Miles ran: 5

city blocks walked: countless

Best meal: Tiffinwallah, Curry Hill.

Worst service despite great food: Ouest, Upper West Side

Best location for a hotel: The Essex House, Central Park South. Love this place, and Marriot Rewards friendly! Their new concierge lounge was a dream. Despite lacking a gym, they offered reciprosity with the Ritz down the street. I enjoyed a lovely, rainy morning working out there! Much needed after eating as we did!
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