Friday, November 07, 2014

Two Months down, 17 years and 10 months to go.


Someone hit the two month mark in November.  We are all smiles about it.

2 month checkup

Still happy at the doctor's office, right before his first immunizations.


A little work and play time at home while the big kids are in school.


The three amigos. 

Right now, I'm still in a daze from having this baby.  He is not sleeping more than three-four hour stretches at night, so neither Jeff nor I have slept well.  I'm kind of getting used to that feeling, as much as it's possible to get used to lumbering along like the walking dead.  I've resumed drinking caffeine, so my daily coffee cup in the morning is my saving grace.

The kids have been relatively good about welcoming the newest member of the family.  Jordan has really risen to the occasion of being the big brother - entertaining Theo every morning at the breakfast table with his particular blend of wacky clown like antics.  Mina has been treating Theo at bath time with washing and picking out his outfits.  Both of them are trying to encourage story time at night, when it's possible to get Theo on some kind of rhythm.  That's the hardest part.

He has no schedule, no particular routine yet.  I'm trying, but he is going to do this his way.  We take our daily walks, our nightly baths.  I try to have him see the kids in the morning to establish a daytime/nighttime distinction. I try to follow his lead and put him down for a nap when I see him yawning or beginning to fuss from tiredness. But, he's only two months old.  It's still all up in the air.  I'm also not going to make myself crazy with this one. 

I want to enjoy my last time up at bat.

The fun things are starting to happen - he's been smiling back, making baby cooing noises, trying to repeat sounds that we make like "ooh and oooo."  That is really cute.  I love the way he stares intently at my mouth when I talk to him, or the way he gazes into my eyes while he's eating.  It's such an adoring look - the kind that unfortunately won't last long.

We spend most of the day at home, although we have some social times, here and there - walks, chats with neighbors, a rare night out at dinner.  It's nice being comfortable enough with the third that I feel no pressure to run out and join mommy groups or organized activities.  None of those are for the baby.  I used to make myself crazy with Jordan and Mina, dragging them to all kinds of things they can't even remember anymore.

Right now, it's just me and Theo.  We eat, play on the tummy time mat, read baby books, make noises at each other, take walks where I drone on about the outdoors, and practice napping.  It's such a short spell this newborn phase. 

I forgot how slow the day goes by, yet all at once - it's over.

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