Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scenes from St. George's, Bermuda

The last two weekends have found us out on the eastern end of the island. While there, we've revisited St. George's and wandered around the town on two quiet Sunday afternoons.

A few snippets:


Flagstone in Town Hall. 


The stockade - home to many a tourist and resident photo op.


No one escapes it.

Of course St. George's is more than just a stockade in Kings Square. The town itself retains its historic charm, through its architecture and protected status as a UNESCO world heritage site. The cobblestone streets wind through narrow alleys, with beautifully preserved houses, designed in the Bermuda style. For pure walking purposes (ie with a stroller) Sundays are perfect as there is minimal road traffic (sidewalks are a rarity in BDA generally.)


We've enjoyed several of the restaurants in the area over the years.  Jordan watches the waves ripple on the harbor at the Tavern by the Sea.  This is a  pretty place, and was apparently quite popular with the stroller set on a Sunday afternoon.  I tried Jordan's mac and cheese, and it was one of the better ones I've had on the island.  My spicy Bloody Mary wasn't too bad either.


The White Horse Tavern is always popular with the tourists, but it's another nice spot on the water, and it is right in Kings Square.  It gets windy though!  And be sure to save some bread for the fish.  They put on a good show.

Bermuda October 016

Looking through old photos on Flickr, I remembered St. George's was one of the first places we explored upon moving to Bermuda.  Poor Admiral George.  First forced to crash his ship on the reefs of Bermuda, and now serving as a monkey bar for American rug rats four hundred years later.  The irony.

Bermuda October 012

There blow some mighty canons.

Bermuda October 022

It's a pretty town - and the former first capital of Bermuda.  These days, it's a source of endless discussion as far as reviving tourism and preserving a slice of historic Bermuda.  There's actually quite a bit to see, if you don't mind wandering around and exploring. 


I noticed a few more stores and boutiques since I last visited, and there are still places I need to check out.  The Bermuda Perfumery is here, and is tucked down a little lane right by St. Peter's Church.  I mean to get there one of these days to try their high tea.


Fort St. Catherine.

 Bermuda October 037

Flashback stockade days, October 2010.

pics 210

Yep, no one leaves the island without a picture in it.  Hi Grandma H!

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