Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Theo food

Things have changed in the world of feeding since I had my older kids. Back when Jordan and Mina were babies, I was told not to introduce potential high allergy foods like nuts until two years. Since then, the thinking has gone back to early introduction (ie nine months for us.)

My reaction was disbelief. 

"So, you want me to bring him into the office and try out peanut butter here?

"Oh no, Mrs Trimarchi. Just put some on bread and give him a little at home and just watch him.  He'll either throw it up immediately or it will be undigested in his diaper. Don't worry. He won't stop breathing."

Fast forward, Theo has been pretty much eating everything that winds up on a plate. 

Father's Day cinnamon rolls were a big hit. 

So was the chicken tikka masala and rice, the broiled halibut with butter and herbs, hamburger, ice cream, apple butter spread, pancakes with chocolate chips, cheese sticks and French toast. Not all at once. 

He's also happy to eat my daily English muffin with peanut butter and some basic things like bananas and nectarines. Pretty much any fruit is a big hit. 

Having lived through one very picky eater, I am over the moon with this new relaxed approach to eating. Fingers crossed it lasts! 

I think back to when Jordan was this age.  Oy. The tears, the sighs, the eye rolling, the weepy visits to the pediatrician. 

That was me. 

Jordan would just turn his head every time the spoon approached his mouth.

Gratitude all around for the third baby charm. 

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