Sunday, July 26, 2015

Travels with Theo - crawling to the finish.

Getting the older kids to sleep away camp this summer was made slight more complicated. 

Exhibit 1:

Theo, age 10 months. All he wants to do is crawl around on the floor, pull himself up into standing position, and maybe eat. 

Not so easy in an airport terminal.  

Definitely made worse by a two hour plus delay. 

Once in the air, he seemed confused by the rule regarding staying in one's seat. He responded by silencing Jeff. And then spitting up. 

Arriving in Newark and no air tram to get us to the rental car. The overcrowded bus would not seat us, the stroller and our three large suitcases. 

So, more waiting while Jeff darts off solo to get the car. 

By this point Theo is so overtired, he turns on his brother and begins pulling hair. Jordan responds as only he can. Goofy faces and howling.  Perfect. Fits right into the chaos. 

Despite an exhausting start, we made it up de country and were greeted with the morning breakfast club. 

A day to regroup, last minute shopping and re packing the kids trunks, and then seeing them off for a glorious month of parent-free fun. 

I am a rock. I will not cry this year. 

Edited to add:
Too late. 
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