Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Bermuda Cupmatch Weekend 2015

In the five years we've lived on this island, we've spent every summer trying to demystify the four day holiday known as "Cup Match."

The commercial activity basically shuts down.  There's a two day long cricket match involving teams from opposite ends of the island.  There's loads of outdoor activities like camping, concerts, and water sports.  There's tons of food involved, of course.  Of course, there's also commemorating Emancipation itself.

This article from Larry Burchall provides some historical insight on the origins of the holiday.  Very informative.

This year, we actually made it to Cupmatch proper, as I will call it.  We got to the game, enjoyed the spirit of rivalry between St. Georges and Somerset, hung out with our ACE crew, and reveled in the best of summer, Bermuda style.  It was a fantastic weekend.

Some scenes:


Turquoise water of St Georges.


Camping tents set up by the water.  Notwithstanding the historical reasons behind the camping, I think it must be like having an island wide block party/tailgating party.  It's kind of like the Superbowl, but with cricket ... and Soca/Reggae music ... and rum swizzle. 

Which I made for the first time too.  Oy my head.


Theo hits the ocean for the first time!

The best summer parties with the best hosts.

BBQ and leaving party for friends.


So much great food, and such perfect hosts!  (photo - Sonia Jabon).


Water sport.




Seating at the Cricket Field.


Relaxing in the shade at the game (wearing our team colors!)


Theo's first cricket match!


High fiving Ms L, a very loyal Somerset girl. 

Congrats Somerset on claiming the cup this year.


Why is St Georges drinking out de bottle?
Because Somerset stole de cup!  Bwah hahahah!"

Sorry, some Cupmatch humor courtesy of Ms. L.


Oy, the parking!

All in all, a great, fun, holiday.  Can't wait to celebrate it again next year!

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