Sunday, November 06, 2005


Dear Breanna,

Today would have been your one year birthday. Turning one is a pretty big deal for a baby. At least, that's what us grown ups think. You won't be with us to celebrate your birthday in person, but that doesn't mean this day will go by unnoticed. Many people will be thinking of you today. Many will be picturing what a beautiful baby girl you were. Some of us will be praying that you are somewhere safe and warm and peaceful. And some of us are thinking about how blessed we are because you came to this earth and shared yourself with us.

No doubt, you would have done some amazing things in this year that has passed. I wish you had the chance. I wish so many things. Birthday wishes are supposed to come true..but sadly, these wishes will remain lodged in my heart and as tears that I shed for you, your family and the friends that knew you for a brief and sweet time.

Selfishly, I can't help but say that perhaps the most amazing thing you did do, in the time you were here is save my son's life. That's a pretty tall accomplishment for someone as tiny as you were. Can I say that again? You saved my son's life. Without you, he would not be here with us today. I can never forget, for one day, that it is your heart that is beating inside him, keeping him alive, and in the process - bringing smiles to our faces every day. You were a hero Breanna. Not many grown ups can claim that. You and your mom, of course.

Thank you Breanna. You were an angel on earth when we needed a miracle. The darkness that fell over us during that cold and dismal month of January ended only when your gift gave us a second chance at life. Second chances are a rare and precious thing... much like babies. Babies are pretty precious as well. I will hold mine a little longer tonight as I remember you. In my mind's eye, I picture you being held by angels somewhere. I hope they are telling you how much you were loved.

Rest in peace, beautiful baby girl.

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