Monday, October 01, 2007

Outer Banks - Light

The light shines just a bit differently in some places- like the Outer Banks, NC.

Is it a geographical fluke? Is my perspective skewed by the sheer joy of being on vacation? Perhaps its the balmy ocean breezes clouding my vision. Whatever the case may be, the sun shines brighter down South. The light reflects a bit more golden. And I think the world looks more beautiful speckled with sunshine rays.

I've never aspired to be a morning person. Since having kids, it's become a fact of life though. Our howling monkeys awaken each day between 6:00 - 6:30. Most days, I lay there thinking "Why?" To be specific, I usually lay there for a few minutes having an internal dialogue with God (one-sided, thus far) that consists of the same daily query:

me: Why God? Why? Why so early? Why not just five more minutes? Please???

G-d: (silent laughter).

However, day break on the Outer Banks is something to experience no matter how many monkey chatters must be endured.

Mornings with the monkey on the deck were some of my favorite memories of our trip.

The smallest details were illuminated.

A few times, I got a chance to sip my morning coffee on the porch swing. Even the two or three sips I drank before resuming the task of running after the kids, were bliss.

Jordan found another use for the swing.

The light effect wasn't restricted to the early morning hours. It looked good at midday...

The late afternoon:

And sunset too:

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