Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Outer Banks - Earth and Water

Where the water meets the land, amazing things may happen.

Miss Mina has only recently gotten a hang of the walking thing. Testing this skill out on the sand was a new challenge. Sometimes it worked...

And sometimes things got confusing.

But whether it was in the ocean, the pool, or the hottub, Miss Mina was a water baby at heart.

That look on her face?? Sheer glee as she hurled herself into the depths.

She happily splashed away the afternoon.

Back on the dunes, Monkey explored native flora. The vegetation was a pretty backdrop for hugs and kisses too.

Beach vacations have always been my preferred mode of relaxation. Part of me has always felt that it's not a real vacation unless I'm relaxing on a sandy beach, with the sun shining around me, and the ocean breeze cooling me off. A beach chair, a towel, a good book, a cool drink...I was a happy camper. I could lay immobile for hours.

Pre-kids, that whole lounging on the beach thing was my ideal. It still is...sort of...

But I have to say, the entertainment value of watching the monkeys frolic about in the sand and surf almost makes up for the loss of lounging time.

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