Sunday, November 18, 2007

November weekend misc.

Suddenly, I noticed the strange calm that had descended upon the house.

"What's wrong here?" I thought.

It was too quiet. I looked up from the newspaper and over my shoulder into the playroom.

There they both were.

Playing peacefully together. I ran for the camera.


The mutual lovefest and spirit of teamwork continued for a few more minutes. Just long enough for me to take some pictures to preserve for posterity. I will whip these out in the future as proof to be used against them.

"Of course you two love each other and always got along. Look!"

After a quick round of block stacking, it was time to move on to breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Miss Mina indulged in a two spoon serving of Rice Krispies with milk.

One spoon for the food, and one to put up her nose. All the while, she engages in her morning meditation, consisting of deep breaths and healing mantras. The spoon up the nose is a little known move to aid in the thought process.

Food is always a big element of our weekends. Monkey is going for volume these days. Following his hunger strike last week, this is his normal routine. He has an amazing ability to eat vast quantities of food without gaining an ounce. My jealousy cannot be imagined.

Saturday was the usual hectic mess. It reminded me of that scene in the movie, "Mr. Mom" (the go-to reference guide for all my parenting knowledge) where Micheal Keaton faces his first day on the job as a stay at home dad. All morning long, without pause, the daily demands hit him in rapid fire. Managing the kids, juggling the cooking, the cleaning, the errands, the house falling apart around him, the doorbell ringing, the repairmen, the lawn people, the plumber, etc.

We had that day Saturday, but thankfully Monkey Sr. and I were able to tag team through the morning. And in the afternoon, we worked out the kinks on our new Costco shopping game plan. A dull day for the kids, but we made up for it on Sunday.

With a trip to Funtime Junction! Hurray! Ballpits of disease and infection!

Monkey Sr. looks on indulgently.

Until the inevitable arises. Don't even think of putting that effin ball in your mouth kid.

We moved on to safer territory. Just play with the ducks for fun and tickets, kid. The instructions are clear, right? Don't eat them.

Just smack them down with the little punching arm! This was a lovely game that flew in the face of all the "we-don't-hit" lessons taught at home. In less than thirty seconds, our efforts were undone.

Hit ducks.
Win tickets.
Cash in tickets for fun toys.

I think they had fun. And it's been a long time since our last trip to the Junction.
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