Friday, January 25, 2008

Tootie pancakes with Daisy Mix sprinkles.

First, Monkey had dinner. It was a healthy one.

After that, he indulged in whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup - heart shaped, and "Daisy Mix" sprinkles.

Later in the evening, resting atop the "pyramid of pillows, " he had popcorn and some milk. We had to keep him up late tonight to adjust for medications. Baby Galileo helped.

I had salad. Le Sigh.

We burn a lot of calories during the day. Conquering our fears takes effort.

"I'm rocking the Blue Oscar Dog," he said.

There was a time when I wondered about his lack of interest in physical challenges. It seemed to take forever for him to learn to walk up or down stairs, climb the slide by himself, or even ride a push car. Today, he was first in line to enter the gym room at Kids U. "Are you ready for class?" Miss Kai asked.

"Yep," he declared.

Yep? Where is this coming from? And where does the title of the post come from? A song. A song performed in gym class, when I thought he wasn't paying the least bit of attention. Later that evening, when presented with his pancakes, he crowned them "TOOTIE PANCAKES!!" And proceeded to sing the first verse.

I'm glad he ate non-stop all day. He won't get to eat again till after his biopsy tomorrow. It's an annual. That means it will take twice as long as usual. I look forward to January because it's Monkey's birthday month, but I also dread it for the ominous annual. I hate the annual, and I hate starving him all morning in preparation for it.
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