Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday in the Park

Scenes from Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn:

This was our fist visit to the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn. Its relatively manageable size made it a great Saturday morning adventure. Get there early enough and there is plenty of street parking immediately next to the zoo entrance.

The kids walked most of it on their own, when they weren't busy running. We brought a stroller along, just in case, but it served as a cart for our jackets and bags most of the time. The exhibits were great, there was a nice mix of animals, including some the kids had never seen before. Many of the animals were housed in buildings, all of which were well maintained.

Some were outside, sunning themselves in more natural environments. A groomed walking trail wound around the animals outside. Our only moment of panic was when Jordan snuck under the rope fence at the Kangaroo exhibit for a closer look. I'm not sure a mere rope barricade was sufficient to separate the human animals from the kangaroos..but since they looked pretty peaceful, I'm guessing they aren't a huge threat. Although I don't think they were too pleased to be awoken from their nap. Needless to say, immediate and lengthy time out for Jordan, followed by a long discussion about holding hands and running.

Brooklyn adventures are always an added bonus since Grandma H and Michael can join us.

Together, we enjoyed the enclosed baboon exhibit, feeding the ducks, seeing a peacock up close and chasing each other around in the tunnels and caves beneath the prairie dog hills. Those prairie dogs are cute. I think my favorites were the meerkats though.

Not the best picture, I know. What is it about them standing up on their hind legs that makes them so endearing? Mina kept calling them "Meencats" or "meenacats" and proceeding to make meow noises for added effect.

After touring the zoo, there was still time for a quick drive over to Bubbie's for lunch. It was hard, but I seriously restrained myself and ate light. Beach season is almost upon us. Others in our group have nothing to worry about. They ate with abandon.

Good times.
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