Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Medley...and three beautiful things.

This Spring, Thursdays usually mean busy mornings at Kiddie U. There, the monkeys burn off the energy by running around the indoor gym and confronting the challenges of the enclosed play quad. Each week, it seems they get a bit braver..a bit more daring.

Yes, my heart does skip a beat when I witness my child scaling the rope ladders on her own.

What keeps me calm is the knowledge that rope netting keeps us all trapped like rats in a cage.

Which leaves me free to photograph all their moments of cuteness in relative freedom.

Now, on to another topic. In my sporadic homage to three beautiful things..the Thursday edition ...

1. My garden. It's a tiny bit of space, but let's see what happens this year. I had such success with the herbs on my trial run last year, I couldn't help but plant a few more this time around. In addition to the usual basil and parsley, I added cilantro, mint, and sage. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Greek oregano propagate itself this year. One day, there it was again! I had no idea herbs were perennials.

I've also planted a few tomato starters. Lord help me. Fingers crossed, prayers to the deity of gardens. You can't see it, but out back there is the start of a compost pile. But, my plan for the weekend is to purchase an enclosed container so that I can deal with this pile of leftovers in a responsible way. I'm feeling a teeny bit better about myself as I now have a plan for disposing of the monkeys table scraps in a useful way. I hate waste. The meat I've always just given to Oscar...but all the veggies and fruit that goes to waste in this house makes me cringe. I'm not an environmentalist. I'm just cheap. I've checked around at a couple of nurseries and big box stores in the area and no one has any compost bins. WTF? I thought going green was the trend of the moment.

2. Discovery Channel Atlas: revealed - France.

Tonight I watched some tv of the non-reality show variety. It was amazing. A panoramic tour de France that left me wanting more. I caught myself wishing I could jump on board the next flight out to Paris and spend a thousand dollars on a meal handcrafted with such exquisite detail. I know.'s my indulgent little dream, ok?

3. Brave Beanie.

Poor Bean. I woke her abruptly from nap this afternoon to drag her to the pediatrician's office for her shot. It was a continuation of the MMR vaccine that I have been stretching out for about six months now. Usually the MMR is given around 15 months or so, I think. But I requested separating the vaccine into individual doses, spaced out. In our case, we really spaced them out due to scheduling and other health issues. Jordan never got the MMR. It's a transplant thing. He won't ever get it because it's a live virus vaccine. With Mina getting it, I was instructed to be cautious lest he inadvertently be exposed to the virus in its shedding stage.

There's been discussion in the media these past few years about vaccines in general and the MMR in particular. With Jordan, I wish the choice had not been taken out of our hands. With Mina... I think it's a necessary vaccine. She got it. She'll get most of the others. But I also think that a baby's body can handle only so much toxicity. I'm saying no to some of the optional ones, and spacing out the others as much as possible. That's my compromise.

I so digress. The beautiful thing was how bravely she sat in her car seat, how she endured the moment of sharp from the needle, and how quickly she rebounded that evening. As I prepared her for bed, she happily bounced around on the changing table, standing up and plopping herself down for the joy of it. It was disconcerting since I expected her to fall down at any moment.

I warned her. "Bean," I said. "Be careful! You don't want to fall down and crack your head open!!"

Out of the corner came a tiny voice. It was Jordan, hiding behind the rocker:

"You get a staple in your head like Julia."

I'm sorry N. The shock and awe lesson inspired by your daughter has apparently left a burning imprint on my son's mind. I hope that it's some consolation for what you all endured. She is now serving as a lesson for all the other toddlers out there. Starting with mine.

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