Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shopping for baby toothpaste ...

Requires a detour down through the special baby junk aisle at CVS. It also requires a cracker to keep said baby quiet. CVS is the only game in town, and judging from their prices, they know it. I try to avoid it as much as possible, limiting my trips to emergencies where milk, baby wipes, toothpaste, or chocolate are involved. I've learned, however, that emergencies are the worst time to go.

Inevitably, the line will be fifteen people deep, and the only cashier at the register is the overly-friendly old soul I refer to as Bessie. Not only will she happily ring you up, she'll share her personal running commentary on every item in your cart, the best values to be had that day, and individually wrap each box of tampons (price check first!), bottle of shampoo, or box of baby wipes you intend to purchase. But not until she makes sure you use the store coupons, or before she holds up an item and scrutinizes it, reading the labels, and turning it over in her hands. Sometimes I stand there watching her, wondering whether her joy in doing all this is directly proportionate to the amount of hysteria building up inside of me.

Since the other employees in the store are all local teenagers without a care in the world, the agitation level in line can be something to behold. There have been times when I have walked in, saw the line, and walked straight out.
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